Quick Facts

Josh Newman is a Yale graduate and former Army Officer. Following his graduation from Yale University, Josh enlisted in the United States Army. His active duty assignments as a military officer included service in South Korea and with the 25th Infantry Division.

After the military, Josh moved to California and found success working for a series of internet technology start-up companies. Giving back, he started ArmedForce2Workforce, an initiative dedicated to assisting returning veterans in their pursuit of career-oriented post-service employment. 

In 2016, Josh defeated a career politician for a seat in the State Senate. As your Senator, he wrote legislation to help schools, small businesses and veterans. Josh was unafraid to put constituents over politics, and working families over corporate interests.

Josh is running to be our State Senator again, with the strong support of local teachers, nurses, firefighters, and the Democratic Party. In the Senate, Josh will fight to:

  • Fully fund schools and improve public education for every student
  • Reduce homelessness by tackling the root causes of the crisis
  • Protect our environment and combat the climate crisis
  • Create jobs, grow the economy, and help small businesses succeed
  • Reduce traffic by securing our region’s fair share of funding
  • Keep neighborhoods safe and ensure fast emergency response times
  • Honor veterans by expanding the services and support they receive
  • Protect funding for the programs our most vulnerable rely on
  • Bring integrity and accountability to our state government