Meet Josh

I’m a former United States Army officer, community and veteran activist, entrepreneur, father, husband, and former State Senator for the 29th Senate District of California.

I’ve been motivated by public service all throughout my life. After graduation from Yale University, I served as a United States Army officer. Following a post-service professional career in the Internet technology sector, I founded and served as Executive Director of ArmedForce2Workforce, an initiative to assist young veterans in Orange County and Greater Los Angeles in their pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented employment.

In 2016 I ran a successful grassroots campaign focused on a message of service, accountability, and common sense. When the voters sent me to Sacramento, I was active, accessible, and accountable, unafraid to put constituents over politics and working families ahead of corporate interests. During my tenure as State Senator, I authored legislation that championed veteran services and mental health resources, improved local schools, helped businesses create jobs, and protected open space.

My wife Darcy and I live in Fullerton with our daughter and three rescue dogs. 

I would be honored to serve once again as your State Senator.



Dear Neighbor,

In 2016, I got elected to the State Senate on a really simple message: that people deserve better, from politicians and from government, because we, the people, have every right to expect decency, honesty, and integrity from those who serve us in elected office.

As your State Senator, I focused on finding commonsense solutions to the problems we face and delivering results on issues that matter for our district — such as securing more funding to keep neighborhoods safe, improve our schools, and reduce traffic. I am proud to have fought to reduce homelessness and youth violence, improve services for veterans, and protect the quality of our air and water.

You deserve a State Senator who won’t be intimidated by bullies or motivated by political calculation. I’m running to get back to the Senate, where I’ll continue the fight against partisan games and for bringing integrity and decency back to our politics — all while getting things done for the residents of our district.

I’d be honored to earn your vote.


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